12-Year-Old Boy Makes Bowties For Shelter Dogs To Help Find Them Home

Darius Brown is one special young man. Can you believe that he is only 12 years old? He is already a CEO and he’s got brilliant ideas. This young businessman is definitely going to take the world by storm and we are fully on board. His company has the coolest purpose. He designs bowties but these are not just any bowties. They are supposed to be worn by dogs!

This is one of those ideas that is so good, we wish we had thought of it. Don’t worry, though. If you would like to purchase a bowtie of your own, this young man is more than happy to provide them for humans as well. Darius’ story is all the more amazing when you realize what he has overcome. He was diagnosed with numerous disabilities when he was just a baby.

Fine motor skills delay, speech and comprehension issues did not derail him one bit. He had big dreams and his mother was happy to encourage them.

She knew that her son was special and it was only a matter of time before the world learned more. He was a wizard when it came to sewing. His talent would serve him well once he came up with his awesome idea.

There are not many young boys with this level of sewing skill. We are honestly impressed. When he learned about the dogs who had been left without homes because of recent natural disasters, he sprung into action right away. The dogs that were displaced by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma needed help. As it turns out, Darius was the perfect young man to provide it.

Beaux & Paws is the name of his company. We are overjoyed by his work. This is one youngster who has his heart in the right place. The next time you are ranting about “kids these days”, take a moment to remember the existence of these youngsters. It would be easier for these dogs to locate a forever home with Darius’ awesome bowties.

We commend him for his efforts. As word about his efforts spread, Darius crafted more and more bowties. He wanted to make sure that every dog could be helped. He’s gotten lots of media attention and he even received some from none other than President Obama. Various philanthropic organizations have given him awards. Please be sure to share this truly amazing story with all of your closest friends and loved ones.

Check out all his bowties on Instagram.

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