Veteran Has Panic Attack During Interview, Then His Service Dog Leaps Into Action

Soldiers are some of our bravest citizens. They are willing to put their own livelihood on the line to help others. The sacrifices that they make on a daily basis are tremendous. Without their assistance, democracy would not exist. They fight for the freedoms that we callously take for granted. However, these brave soldiers find themselves in need of help, too.

When they require assistance, they are able to receive help from therapy animals. Therapy dogs play a key role in assisting soldiers that are looking to re-assimilate into society. K9s for Warriors is one of the many groups that looks to help soldiers who are looking to ease into life outside of the service. Their dogs assist veterans with a wide range of key tasks.

Erick Scott is just such a soldier. He spent a whopping 16 years in the service. He’s been through it all. Laying his brothers in arms to rest hasn’t been easy. He still struggles with the rigors of daily life. The emotional damage that he experienced because of his time in the armed services has changed his entire personality. He could not quite adjust to life after the Army.

He’s got survivor’s guilt and a great deal of anxiety. Erick knows how lucky he is to have made it home. So many of his brothers did not. He has nightmares that are related to post traumatic stress disorder and often wakes up in cold sweats. He was offered medication but it did not provide him with the desired results. The process had begun to frustrate him.

That’s when he met with the good folks at K9s for Warriors. He wanted to see if a therapy dog could cure what ails him. Gumbo was matched with Erick and the two are now Battle Buddies. If you would like to see more of their awesome interactions, be sure to check out the clip below. When Erick was asked about his post-traumatic stress disorder, he is taken to a place that he does not want to go.

Gumbo leaped into action immediately. He was not going to let his owner suffer any longer. He gave Erick the reassurance he needed and helped him through the panic attack. To Erick, Gumbo’s assistance is far more helpful than any medication ever could be.

Please share this touching video with your closest friends and loved ones. We cannot get enough of this clip.

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