Four friends who looked alike discover they’re sisters after DNA test

In an incredible twist of fate, a quartet of women from opposite ends of the country are now sharing the story of how they were brought together and discovered they were actually sisters.

The story began when Rachelle Dyer, 53, and Shannon Nicholl, 49, made the stunning connection after Rachelle moved from her hometown of Seattle, Washington, to Virginia Beach, Virginia. The two met through mutual friends and became close. Over time they had many people commenting on the uncanny resemblance between them.

Shannon and Rachelle had fun playing up their resemblance, and posed with their faces together for the first time when they met back in 2009 at a Kenny Chesney concert. At the time they just thought it was all a fun coincidence. It wasn’t until Rachelle took a DNA test through and found there was a surprising link between her and her friend.

After connecting with a cousin through, Rachelle and her twin sister Kristelle, learned that Shannon and her older sister Lisa Holley Vann, 51, are actually their half-sisters.

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Posted by Lisa Holley Vann on Friday, February 8, 2019

While Kristelle and Rachelle knew they had been put up for adoption as infants, the news that they had sisters was surprising. And it was just as surprising for their half-sisters as well.

“Lisa and I had no idea at all that our mother had even given birth to twins in the past,” Shannon said to “Good Morning America”. “They knew that they were adopted all these years — so for us, it was pretty mind-blowing.”

The four women were finally able to meet in person this year, marking the end of a mystery none of them were aware of until recently.

We can’t believe our story has come to this! Tune in to Good Morning America tomorrow morning around 8:30am to see four very happy sisters!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Rachelle Dyer on Monday, February 25, 2019

Unfortunately, their mother Janice, who was the mom of all four of them, was never able to see their reunion, as she died a year beforehand. But the sisters are all convinced that she can “see” them from wherever she is, and would be happy that they’re together at last. And Rachelle says she and Kristelle are “two new pieces” of their mom for their two new sisters.

The quartet have already bonded and are able to finish each other’s sentences, as well as constantly laugh together, but they have lots more of catching up to do, given the lost years in between.

H/T: Good Morning America

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