Freezing Dog At Bus Stop Rescued By Transit Workers Just In Time

Thanks to the assistance of these fast acting transit workers, one special dog has been rescued in the nick of time. Now that temperatures are starting to dwindle all over the world, animals are often left outside to fend for themselves. This story took place at a Regina, Saskatchewan bus stop. The province has been experiencing record cold over the last week.

Darren Szabo works in Regina. He is a transportation department employee and when he heard of the dog’s predicament, he made sure to act quickly. He was not about to let any harm come to this dog. He contacted the Regina Humane Society. Szabo was not going to leave the dog’s side until help had arrived, though. He was scared that the dog would experience frostbite.

If he had been left outside to suffer much longer, Darren worried that the animal would lose all feeling in his paws. The animal was not happy to see Darren at first, growling at the man when he approached. In time, he realized that Darren was only there to help. Once the man draped a fleece jacket over him, it became obvious that the man was his guardian angel.

The poor pup was freezing cold and full of fright. The animal also had a family that was worried sick over him. He had gotten lost and went into the bus station for some shelter. The dog takes off fairly regularly, so the family is used to calling for help in these types of scenarios. Fortunately, the animal was able to make a full recovery once he was found.

He has Darren to thank, though. If not for his quick thinking, who knows what may have happened to this poor dog? Regina is also looking out for all the members of their population. People who are experiencing extreme cold and do not have a place to go can simply flag down a bus. The Safe Bus Program ensures that they will be able to receive the help they need.

We all need to take the time to help one another. It does not matter if an animal is in need or a person. Everyone deserves a warm place to stay when the weather turns frightful. Let’s all do our part to raise awareness about these issues by taking the time to share this story with as wide of an audience as possible. Be sure to pass this one along, people!

Source: LeaderPost

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