Company Will Pay You $97,000 A Year To Visit Private Islands & Test Luxury Cars, Jets & Yachts

Have you been thinking about making a change in your career? Perhaps you might consider the luxury shopping marketplace, known as Hush-Hush. It is where the rich and famous shop for the most prestigious items available in the world. They are now looking to hire someone who will spend a year testing out superyachts, expensive cars and traveling to private islands. You even get paid a significant salary to do it.

One lucky person will be paid $97,000 a year to spend their day sampling the luxurious products offered through Hush-Hush and traveling to their exotic destinations.

The job description describes some of the more expensive items that include a $71 million jewel-encrusted watch, an $80 million French chateau, and a $61 million superyacht. Imagine yourself cruising along in one of these:

The primary reason why they will be doing it is to test the products for “style, comfort, performance, and suitability for the site” and to provide a written report on each item.

Not everybody should apply. They are looking for someone who is able to “demonstrate a passion for travel, art, and fashion, have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of the ‘finer things in life.'”

Whoever lands this dream job is not going to have the time to be bored. In fact, they will be working with many different products that include art, fashion, jewelry, aircraft, cars, furniture and much more.

For example, here is a picture from Hush-Hush of a private jet.

Since the company works with unique clientele, they are looking for someone who is able to learn and work within their parameters.

The world travel is also something to consider. Imagine living in the lap of luxury and exploring the world through the eyes of an A-lister. If you are fortunate enough to land this gig, you will be traveling to some of the best places in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Hush Hush and apply. You never know, your dream may just come true.

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