Mom Gives Birth And Is Taken Back When She Looks Down To See The Gender

There are certain questions that all of us ask when we are pregnant. In fact, we may even ask them to others when they are pregnant. We might be wondering how they are feeling or perhaps how far along they are in their pregnancy. One of the most common questions, however, is if it is a boy or a girl. Most parents give the same answer, that they don’t really care about gender but they just want the baby to be healthy.

Although we’ve heard that answer more times than we can count, deep down inside, we realize that everyone is either hoping for a boy or a girl. You don’t really want to insert your opinion, especially if it wasn’t requested but sometimes it is just nice to hear that a parent has a preference.

That was what happened with the Guiley’s. Kim and Travis, along with their two-year-old daughter were ready for the little baby girl that was certain to be born into their family. They didn’t even bother to check the sex with the doctors. You might think that is a bold move, but wait till you learn why.

Kim gave an interview with Today and said that her reason for not checking the gender of the baby is because of what had happened to them previously. The 28-year-old mother had gone through a miscarriage in 2015. She just didn’t want to focus on the gender of the child.

As a result, she didn’t have it in her mind to have either a boy or a girl but she does admit that they were secretly hoping for a boy prior to being convinced they were having a daughter.

You might be wondering why they were so sure she was having a daughter. The mom said that they were really old wives tales and other ‘silly reasons’, such as girls being responsible for morning sickness. In the end, she chalks it up to ‘the power of persuasion’.

The funny thing is, Kim didn’t end up with the girl she was expecting.

After giving birth at home, Kim took a look between the baby’s legs and the happy parents had the reaction that only such a surprise could bring about.

“I mean, you saw the look on my face—you can’t make up that look. It was very surprising, and I didn’t realize how much I was hoping for a boy until that moment.”

It certainly was shocking to them and now, their little baby boy, Theo is a happy member of the family.

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