Friendly Dog Put To Sleep Because Of ‘The Way He Looks’

This adorable dog was recently put to sleep and the reason will break your heart. The RSPCA has weighed in on the matter and they are blaming an outdated law for what has taken place. Bailey the dog did not deserve this fate. He was destroyed because his owner did not like his appearance. This is the sort of cruelty that makes us wonder what people are thinking.

No animal deserves to die because some small minded jerk doesn’t care for their personal appearance. Caroline Allen is the RSPCA chief veterinary officer who weighed in on what took place here. She says that the dog was as friendly as they come. She did not agree with the owner’s decision. Bailey tried his best to enjoy his final hours, though.

By all accounts, the sweet pup was more than happy to spend his final moments playing with various staffers. So what rule is it that allows a cruel owner to put their healthy dog to sleep? The Dangerous Dogs Act. Those who are familiar with Breed Specific Legislation are probably well aware of this rule and the havoc that can be caused.

There are certain dogs that will be put to sleep in any corner of the UK if they are deemed to be one of the breeds that are considered dangerous. There are four different breeds to consider in these instances. The pit bull terrier is one of them, in addition to the Fila Braziliero, Dogo Argentino and the Japanese Tosa.

These dogs can be put to sleep with no questions asked, essentially. What a depressing state of affairs. We are hoping that Bailey’s story wakes people up and forces them to realize just how unfair these sorts of laws can be. 81 dogs like these were put to sleep in the year 2017 alone. That’s what makes stories like this one so important.

Let’s all do our part to put a stop to these types of occurrences. Happy and friendly dogs like Bailey should never be put to sleep, not when there are so many people out there who are looking for an awesome pet to take home. If a dog has yet to show any true signs of aggressive behavior, there is no reason for owners to be tossing them aside like this. We will not rest until barbaric practices such as these cease to exist.

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