Marathon Runner Finds Abandoned Puppy During Race And Carries Him For 19 Miles

As anyone who has ever run a marathon in the past can tell you, they tend to be rather difficult. There is a great deal of time and effort that goes into preparing for them. You cannot decide to roll out of bed on the day of a marathon and hope for good things to happen. With all of the effort that is needed to prepare, the man in this story’s actions is even more shocking.

If you had to spend months of your life preparing to run a marathon, you would probably not want to stop to help someone else out in the middle of the race. This athlete is a special one. She was willing to consider the needs of others, even though she had spent so much time preparing for the big moment. Her efforts definitely deserve a sizable amount of recognition.

Khemjira Klongsanun was in the process of completing a marathon in Thailand. She noticed that a number of runners seemed to be making their way around a lonely dog that found its way into their path. The rest of the runners did not want to let the stray dog slow them down for any reason. Khemjira, on the other hand, decided to stop and help.

She tried her best to locate the owner of the animal. When her efforts turned up no useful information, Khemjira knew that she would have to step up to the plate. She was not going to let any harm come to this dog on her watch. What she did next will surprise readers (as well as any experienced marathon runners who know how grueling these races can be).

Khemjira lifted the dog and elected to carry the animal for the remainder of the race. In case you thought that she simply carried the animal for a mile or two, we are here to inform that the dog remained in her embrace for a whopping 19 miles! She’s since decided to adopt the puppy and he has been given the perfect name: Chombueng.

Chombueng is the name of the marathon and we could not think of a more apt moniker. This is one of the best stories that we have ever seen and we urge all of our readers to take the time to share this touching tale with all of their closest friends and loved ones. This is the type of selflessness that we should all strive for.

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