Game Of Thrones Accidentally Left Out A ‘Modern’ Cup During Scene And Fans Are Losing It

It is not out of the ordinary for us to see a coffee cup sitting on a table top. It’s something that we see so frequently we don’t typically tend to recognize it. Apparently, the people who were editing the shot at the great Hall of Winterfell also have a difficult time seeing coffee cups.

Fortunately, the viewers didn’t let this one slide by. During the episode that aired on Sunday night of ‘Game of Thrones’, there is a coffee cup visible on the table. Who knew that they had Starbucks in that fictional land?

It has been reported that approximately $15 million was spent on every episode in season eight. The fact that a tall coffee cup from Starbucks got passed so many people before it ended up on television is absolutely ridiculous. This is a level of trickery that would even make Arya Stark pleased.

Twitter is saying that it is from Starbucks but it could actually be a cup from anywhere. Let’s enhance the shot:

It’s difficult to tell but it very well could be a Starbucks cup. Imagine getting some free product placement in one of the most popular shows on television.

There has been some discussion of why the Battle of Winterfell was shot so dark. Perhaps it is because they didn’t have time to clean up the set and remove all of the coffee cups first. With the lighting so low, they could easily come in, have their cup of Joe and get started without any concern.

I would say they just made television history again.

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