Springer Spaniel Who Lived In A Small Cage For Years Adopted By Loving Family

Nelson is a Springer Spaniel who has been through a great deal during the course of his life. He was taken to a shelter in the Netherlands by his former owners, who were callous in nature. Can you believe that they told the shelter workers to simply euthanize him if no one was willing to take him? How heartless can people be? We are seeing red already.

“He was in the shelter for about 5 days. They didn’t have a picture because he wasn’t groomed yet. But my mother was very alert and they just went to look at him and were ‘sold’ immediately.”

Fortunately, this story’s sad beginning comes with a much happier ending than you may have expected. As it turns out, Nelson had a forever home out there waiting for him. He’s got a brand new family and they are enjoying an awesome life together. Neil is sharing these photos that have been provided by his mother, Freida. When she heard about the dog’s plight, she knew that she had to visit him right away.

Frieda had not even seen the dog when she decided to go visit him. He had only been to the shelter for a few days. They hadn’t even had the chance to take his picture yet. We just wish that all of the dogs who are stranded at shelters could be taken home this quickly. According to Neil, his mother was very alert and wanted to make sure that Nelson was given a home as quickly as possible.

Now, we are being given the chance to take a closer look at his first few days home. The look on his face during his first car ride with Frieda is absolutely priceless. It is hard to tell who is having more fun, him or Freida! These two are clearly a match made in heaven. Nelson was once trapped inside of a cage for years.

He is able to frolic in a sizable garden now! This dog has gone from rags to riches and we are pretty sure that he knows it. Just look at the smile on his face. While Nelson was a bit nervous about spending time at the new house, his family knows that this is all part of the process. He will definitely get used to his new surroundings before too long.

If you are enjoying this glimpse into the new life of Nelson and his forever family, please be sure to share away! We cannot get enough of these photos and hope that this family is able to enjoy every last moment together. Kudos to Frieda and Nail for being willing to step up to the plate.

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