Kim Kardashian Poses With Elephants At ‘Sanctuary’ And The Internet Is Furious

Every time we check our social media, a few things remain the same. People are always going to speak out about the causes that truly matter to them. Or spend their time talking about whatever entertainers are in the news that day, whichever is more fun at the time. Kim Kardashian is a consistent topic of discussion. There are some who would consider to be one of the most famous women on the planet.

As it turns out, Kim cannot even post photos of her Bali vacation without drawing the ire of the Internet. While we can see where she is coming from here, we also see why the killjoys of the Internet felt the need to lecture her this time. She posed with an elephant at a local sanctuary and everything seemed to be innocent enough. Little did she know….

The reality of this photo is actually much different than expected. From the looks of it, she is not actually at an animal sanctuary. The man that she is in the photo with is actually perched atop the elephant. This is something that does not take place at these sorts of sanctuaries. Elephants are not made to be ridden around by silly humans.

This is inhumane treatment. Sanctuaries are where elephants who are looking to escape this sort of behavior live. If you see a human riding an elephant, you are most certainly not at a sanctuary. The man also seems to be forcing the elephant to pose with Kim. She probably did not realize that she was sending a terrible message to her legions of social media followers.

Elephants are not here to serve as your accessory on Instagram. They are animals who deserve to be treated with a certain level of dignity and respect. While we do agree that there are a number of people out there who are too willing to bash celebrities for a few likes or retweets, the criticism that has taken place here is quite valid in nature.

Kim was actually visiting a local elephant park that specializes in providing these sorts of experiences. There is nothing wrong with that but she should have been honest about what was taking place. Why she would try to convince her followers that this encounter took place naturally in the wild is beyond our comprehension. Hopefully, she will think twice before posting these types of photos in the future!

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