Game Of Thrones Showrunner Explains Why Dragon Fire Didn’t Kill The Night King

After watching the Battle of Winterfell and the Night King getting stabbed by Arya Stark through the chest with a Valyrian steel blade, it seems as if there is a lot to digest.

Interestingly, what has now become the largest battle in TV history may just be a ruse that is taking us away from the real issue. The battle between the living and the dead may just be a little more confusing than most of us realize.

One of the first things that we may think of is the survival of the Night King. How could he possibly survive what happened?

It leaves a lot of loose ends, to say the least, and perhaps we are wondering how we will ever be able to tie everything together.

After all, his character appears to have been finished off in this last episode.

Then again, we do have some inside information from the show runners, DB Weiss and David Benioff.

Weiss recently gave up some information on Inside the Episode about how the Night King could survive Drogon lighting a fire around him.

“There’s no reason to know for certain that the fire wouldn’t kill or destroy the Night King, but there’s also no particular reason to believe that it would.

“Then a few moments after this happens, the Night King brings them a whole larger undead problem by taking all of their own who have been killed in the course of this battle and turning them into the enemy.”

Some of you may be disappointed with this potential outcome but it certainly did work during the battle scene in the last episode. It was thrilling to see Arya come out of nowhere and stab the Night King in his icy chest.

It remains to be seen exactly what will happen when the new episode airs but one thing is for sure, I’m going to be sitting on the edge of my seat and loving every minute of it.

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