Game Of Thrones Theory Suggests That The Night King Isn’t Dead After All

It seems as if we have once again found us in the middle of the week and between two episodes of Game of Thrones. It’s time to play the guessing game and to discuss what might just happen in the coming week or weeks.

Yes, we know that we won’t have any idea if we are correct until the next show comes out but it’s a lot of fun to do it anyway.

By now, we realize that Arya Stark ended episode three by plunging a dagger into the heart of the Night King he changed the direction of the Battle of Winterfell in favor of the living.

When it happened, it appeared as if the Army of the dead was defeated immediately because their leader had been shattered into ice cubes. Can we believe what we saw?

If you are going by pure logic, it would make perfect sense that if you kill the Night King, his army would die along with him. Then again, when did logic ever play out in this show? When you are dealing with a lot of dragons and other fantasy creatures, it is no holds barred.

A theory has been circulating for quite some time that Bran Stark and the Night King or actually the same. Yes, we have seen them at the same place at the same time but then again, it’s worth considering.

According to one user on Reddit, when Bran was ‘warged’ during the battle, he was actually making a pact with the Night King by going back in time.

Perhaps it is best if they explain it.

Coldbeing wrote: “This was truly an amazing episode and the director did a fantastic job on the battle.

“But.. they hyped up The Night King for seasons upon seasons, years upon years and this is how he goes out? There’s just no way. This plot is so stupid. I think there’s more going on then [sic] what meets the eye.

“Why else was Bran warged for so long? Could it be going back in time to prevent all this bloodshed? Could he have been making a deal with The Night King?

“When The Night King walked up to Bran, he looked like he accepted his fate. I just feel like The Night King is Bran, The Night King was going to kill Bran to destroy himself.

“I mean the way The Night King just looked at Bran, it felt like he had to do it when he didn’t want to. Arya ruined the plans for Bran.

“After all this and then they’re already going to battle with Cersei? Something just doesn’t feel right.”

Another user added: “I believe The Knight King was going to give his sword to Bran and kneel just before he was stabbed.

“Azor Ahai playing out it’s prophecy and preventing this, but it may not be yet over. I still believe Bran is the true NK.

“The real NK/ or the next in line NK (Bran) will probably be defeated by some knowledge Tyrion gathered during his conversation with Bran.

“I believe that scene of Tyrion and Bran about to have a conversation truly foreshadowed something to come, some knowledge Tyrion learnt from Bran to defeat him.”

So what do you think, is Bran the Night King or can we actually believe what we saw with our own eyes? I guess we’ll just have to tune in to see.

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