Garbagemen Crushing Trash In Their Truck, Hear Cries For Help From Plastic Bag

These two were on a routine run for their garbage disposal company when they came across one of the more heartbreaking sights that you will ever see. They were just about to crush some garbage when they heard a sad wail coming from one of the bags. These cries were desperate and the men knew that they needed to stop what they were doing right away.

What they found when they looked inside will surprise you. A tiny grey cat was in the bag and the animal had been covered in gasoline. Who would even think to behave in such a monstrous way? The men knew that the cat would have to taken to the hospital right away. Thankfully, they were willing to take time out of their day to help an animal in need.

There are a lot of people who probably would not have been this considerate. The cat was extremely dehydrated and had not been fed in some time. It is a small wonder that the animal was even alive after everything that she had been through. How she managed to stay alive while living inside of a bag and breathing in gas fumes is beyond our comprehension.

She was given the perfect name once she was rescued, though. She is now going to be known as Miracle Maisy. This is definitely an apt moniker. Maisy is in the recovery process now. Her lovely personality is finally being given the chance to shine through. She’s also enjoying all of the love and affection that she has been receiving.

In time, she is going to be ready for a forever home and we wish her all of the best on her journey. While it is great to see that she will finally be able to enjoy the company of people who care about her, it never would have been possible without the assistance of these sanitation workers. These men truly went above and beyond.

They deserve a great deal of kudos for what they have done here. Please share this story as a means of raising awareness when it comes to animal abandonment. No animal should ever be placed in this sort of position just because a callous human being has decided that they do not wish to care for them any longer. Miracle Maisy (and all of other abandoned animals) deserve so much better than this.

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