Mom Was Ecstatic After Winning Free Groceries – Until The Store Owner Took Their Picture

Social media has a way of forcing us to compete with others. We tend to look at other people’s perfectly curated lives and believe that there is something missing in our own. Most of us know that this is not exactly healthy but it does not stop us from doing so anyway. Whether we are following fitness buffs with perfect bodies or master chefs, we can’t stop consuming this sort of imagery.

The opportunities to connect with others are awesome but they can come at the price of our sanity. When Kira Gilbertson and her loved ones received the chance to take home a free bag of groceries, this seemed to be a good thing. How could free food ever be a bad thing? Kira even said that the family was very excited about the victory, comparing it a lottery of sorts.

This store was merely looking to show appreciation for their long term customers. Kira decided that she did not need to get all dolled up for the obligatory photo either. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? She was just stopping by to grab a bag of groceries and that’s it. Going “as is” turned out to be quite the decision, though.

The photo was posted to the store’s Facebook page after it was taken. The family was told that the photo came out great and that it was good enough to be used for a Christmas card. They carried on with their lives, enjoying the free food that they had received. Kira never expected the photo to go viral and the volume of comments left her stunned.

The Internet can be a cruel place at times and while we are sure that there were some negative comments being made, we would like to take this time to recognize the actions of one special woman. Kira was at a community picnic and was recognized by a woman who had seen the photo. She approached the mother to let her know how much the photo meant to her.

She told Kira that seeing a family living their reality and not trying to fool the cameras or their social media followers was a pleasant change from the norm. It made her feel as if her family was a bit more normal. By taking the time to share a true family photo, Kira had done more to motivate this woman than any Instagram guru ever could.

Source: Scary Mommy

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