Mom Visits Son During Lunch Only To Find Out He’s Being “Shamed” By School Staff

When we send our children to school, we feel that they are in a place where parents and community work together to help them in a safe location. What if you were to find out the school was actually judging the student without understanding everything behind his situation?

A mother named Nicole had to deal with such a situation. She found out that her son was being shamed for coming to school late. It seemed like a very bad situation but then the community stepped in to help in a way that nobody expected.

Nicole’s son, Hunter, came in late to school one day. It wasn’t a habit of his but on that day, the car had broken down. In addition, Hunter was late on other days because his mother has health problems. On this day, Nicole went to school to see how everything was going.

It was lunch so she thought her son would be sitting with his friends in the cafeteria. When she saw what was happening, however, her heart was sad.

Her six-year-old son was not enjoying lunch with his friends, he was sitting alone at a different table. A cardboard petition has been put in front of him and a cup with the letter “D” was in front of him. The school said that they were teaching Hunter a lesson after he had been late too many times.

Nicole took a picture of this to document the behavior of the school. They had shamed the young boy in front of his classmates for something that was not his fault and there was nothing he could’ve done about it. Hunter was in tears, sitting by himself.

Since being posted, it was shared more than 75,000 times on Facebook. A number of news programs also picked up on it and it went viral. The school’s policies also came under close scrutiny.

The family was busy dealing with the school but the community was busy doing something else. They had a surprise in store for the family.

When Nicole went to Kelly’s Automotive Service to discuss the car that had broken down, they were expecting to be told that it was not able to be repaired. What they weren’t expecting was a new vehicle, a Chrysler van!

A number of community groups put in $1300 worth of work to get the van in good condition and running for the family. The father was still shocked over the surprise and happy to know that there were some good people out there.

This is a good example of a community that stepped up to the plate when one of their own needed assistance.

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