Man Spends 4 Years Building A Church Using Only Living Trees – See Inside

It doesn’t matter if you have an interest in architecture or not, you have to admit that there is a lot of beauty on this planet associated with it. One of the buildings that are often known for their architectural beauty is cathedrals. They often feature wonderful designs and can take your breath away.

The majority of the churches in the world will have at least some architectural features that are considered beautiful. They include precious metals, stained glass and many other factors. One worshiper in particular has created a different kind of cathedral, one that you may never have seen the likes of before.

Barry Cox has had an interesting in gardening his entire life. He was raised in a Catholic household and from the time that he was young, he wanted to be the Pope. He also developed a new love as he got older.

He found that he was making some inspiring creations as he worked more frequently with plants. One of those creations is a living cathedral. It is a masterpiece of different types of trees and if it sounds fantastic to you, it truly is! The building is on 3 acres of land with plenty of lush, green lawn in New Zealand.

Barry used his creativity to transform the barren landscape into a religious destination. In order to create the masterpiece, he carved out four years of his life but he feels that it was well worth it. When visitors come to the area, they can’t help but feel reverence for it.

The entrance to the Cathedral is lined with small trees. As you walk up to the building, you feel as if you are in the middle of nature. The Cathedral is in the middle of a small clearing and it has plenty of space around it.

There is a small gate in the wall of shrubs that protect the Cathedral from intruders. They also define the space around the church, which is the biggest achievement on the property.

The Cathedral is based on an iron framework that makes it look like a traditional church. Laciniata trees form the ceiling.

Leptospernum trees make up the walls and it provides the building with a dark, lush and rich texture. The dark wood against the green grass makes a contrast that is remarkably beautiful.

Inside the church you will find plenty of open, earthy spaces. The canopy of trees over your head allows a certain amount of natural light to enter. There is also an altar at the front of the church made from Italian marble.

There are gardens surrounding the Cathedral that are also quite impressive. His love of plants really shows through in his creation.

A labyrinth maze was added to produce a historic feel. According to ancient texts, those mazes were often used as a protection for precious treasures. Barry thought that he would build it into his personal cathedral.

Multicolored plants add beauty and it doesn’t matter where you are, the scenes are going to captivate you.

Barry originally intended the garden to be his own personal space but visitors have made it a very popular destination. It is also used for weddings and large events.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in planning a celebration or just stopping by for a visit, the beauty is going to amaze you.

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