Adorable Dog Only Responds To ‘Harry Potter’ Spells

If you are anything like us, you are probably a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and films. While you would think that most dogs are not very well versed on these stories, there is one dog who is here to prove the world wrong. Remus is one special pup who is looking to cast some spells and he is so adorable that we just might let him, to be perfectly honest.

Anna Brisbin recently shared a video of Remus on her YouTube account and this clip is traveling at warp speed. All of the Harry Potter fans out there cannot get enough and we cannot blame them one bit. The miniature dachshund is quite talented. We just might end up watching this video on a perpetual loop. Anna has decided to use a unique training technique for Remus.

She realized that the pup would be more likely to follow the commands that were given to them if they were provided in the form of spells. All it takes is a simple wave of the wand for this dog to fall in line. We are screaming with laughter at the mere sight of him. Remus is handling his new fame very well. He even has his own Instagram page.

The training regimen began when Remus was all of two months old. Of course, it took quite a few treats to drive these points home. Remus probably didn’t mind too much, though. The life of a wizard is not always an easy one. Remus needs lots and lots of naps. Responding to all of these spells so dutifully is bound to take a lot out of a dog.


The only spell that is being cast here, in our estimation, is coming from Remus. This adorable pup has us all in his thrall. We just hope that all of this stardom doesn’t end up going to his head. Now that he’s got all of the Instagram honeys in his DMs, he just might end up forgetting about the little people! We kid, of course.

If you loved this story as much as we did, please be sure to pass this clip along to the Harry Potter lovers in your life. They are sure to appreciate it. Those who wish to keep up with his hilarious exploits in the future are urged to follow his Instagram page.

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