One-Eyed-Dog Found On The Street Rejected By His Owner Because He Replaced Him With A New Dog

Hope For Paws has helped a vast number of animals find their rightful homes and this story is a prime example of the helpful effect that these selfless folks have on their community. This story began as so many others do, with an abandoned dog wandering the streets, in search of a helping hand. A Good Samaritan in Los Angeles decided to assist.

Chris contacted Hope For Paws to see if they would be willing to provide the dog with a home. The little fellow was clearly injured and would need medical assistance as well. The injured pup was trying to make friends with Chris’ dog. Before the dog could hang out with his pitbull Blue, he would need to be rescued and given the second chance he deserved.

Luckily, Hope For Paws was willing to stop by. Loretta and Eldad knew that Blue would be instrumental in this rescue. The smaller dog had clearly taken a liking to him already. Once the dog was secured with a “Lucky Leash”, they noticed something different about him: he had only one eye. He was renamed Pirate and brought to the vet’s office for the necessary surgery.

To make matters even worse, the dog even had a microchip. Pirate’s original owner was contacted, so that he could come and pick up the dog. Can you believe that the man said no? He did not want Pirate back because he had already gotten another new dog. While this is certainly heartbreaking, everything has turned out well for Pirate.

He will now get to spend his days in a place where he is actually loved and cared for. Pal Rescue was given the chance to foster the pup and he is now residing in a forever home. This is the sort of happy ending that Pirate deserves and if you would like to find out more about this rescue mission, be sure to check out the video below.

Let’s come together to put an end to stories like Pirate’s. Heartwarming rescues are fun to watch but they would never take place if people were not willing to abandon animals in the first place. As crazy as it may seem, we will know that we have made real progress when we stop seeing stories like these on such a regular basis. Here’s hoping that Pirate is never forced to live on the streets again.

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