Gay Penguins’ Efforts To Rescue Neglected Chick Cause Chaos At Denmark Zoo

The penguins in this story are true heroes and we have decided that they need to be protected at all costs. The penguins elected to intervene when they thought no one else would and they deserve kudos for this. While most of us would probably not expect a gay penguin couple to spring into action like this, they were not about to let this chick be treated any kind of way.

This story takes place at a Denmark zoo. The gay penguin couple noticed that the father of the chick had wandered off. They did not know that this is simply a part of life for the father chick and were none too pleased about it. It was the father’s turn to watch their child and the couple was not about to allow him to abandon these responsibilities on their watch!

If you are already screaming in delight just picturing these sassy birds taking up for the chick, you are in the same boat as we are. The couple is making sure that no child goes without. The baby’s father is said to be in the wrong here, according to the wildlife experts who have some level of familiarity with these species and how they engage with one another.

In other words, this couple was right to behave in the manner that they did. They were simply making sure that the child’s best interests remained at heart. What a lucky chick. When the parents went searching for the chick, the father’s response says it all, doesn’t it? The mother immediately became concerned and went searching for her lost baby.

The father, on the other hand? He was fine with it all and began to wander about as if he had no worries or cares in the world. Perhaps these penguins were simply trying to save the child from a life spent with a neglectful pops. There was a small altercation when the mother of the chick finally met up with the meddling penguins but all was well.

It took a small bit of assistance from the zookeepers but the penguins were forced to part with their new foster child before things got too tense. The penguins will soon have the chance to take on the responsibility of raising an actual foster child, too. A single mother who cannot raise her child alone has allowed the keepers to pass her egg along to them. What a happy ending!

Pingvindrama: Unge genforenes med forældre

Nyt i sagen om den kidnappede pingvin! ???? Efter et døgn måtte vores dyrepasser Sandie gribe ind for at få ungen tilbage til sine forældre. Det udløste en kamp blandt de to pingvinpar, men som erstatning for ungen har Sandie givet de to hanner et pingvinæg, som de kan passe i stedet. Nu er der igen fred og idyl i pingvinanlægget.????

Posted by Odense Zoo on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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