Young Boy Found Inside Shopping Cart In Parking Lot Was ‘Accidentally’ Left Behind By His Mom

911 what’s your emergency?  A 17 month old was left behind in a shopping cart.

Can you even imagine anyone forgetting a child in a cart ?

That’s exactly what happened when officers responded to a call from the Target store on 41 in Easton at around 1 pm and were told that a male child had been found unattended in a shopping cart

Thankfully the mother is facing charges after the authorities say that she forgot her 17-month-old child in a shopping cart on September 22.

27-year-old Taylor Perdue is to appear in court on a charge of abandonment or endangerment of a child.

A customer at the target found the child and notified the police.  The child was unharmed when he was evaluated by the firefighters.

The Enterprise reported  “the child was taken in an ambulance to the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton for further check-ups after he was evaluated in the parking lot. The officers spoke to the witness who told them that the child had last been seen with two adult females and two adult males who had all been shopping inside the department store.

The officers also reviewed the video surveillance from the store and confirmed that four adults left the parking lot in a Toyota SUV which had Maine license plates. The authorities then received a call from a man at around 2:07 pm who told them that the child had been “accidentally” left at Target. The man also told the officers that he was with the mother in Plymouth and told them that they would go back to Easton to pick up the child.”

The mother claims that after she and her friends left Target, she got into her vehicle and thought that one of her friends had put her son in his rear-facing car seat. The cart was still behind the vehicle but the car pulled out of the parking spot so no one saw the child in the cart.

The mother said when she got to Plymouth she realized that he son was not in the car seat.

Deputy Police Chief Keith Boone told The Enterprise: “She assumed the boy was sleeping. When she got to Plymouth, she realized the car seat was empty.” Perdue still maintains that it was accidental but she will still be charged by the police. Boone said: “Whether it was an accident or not, she still endangered the child.”

The child is now in custody of his mother as she awaits arraignment.

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