Gentle Dog Helps Little Girl Heal After Losing Her Dad

Back in 2016, Emily was forced to say goodbye to one of the people who meant the most. A hit and run driver collided with her husband’s vehicle and he perished instantly. This tragic loss left a major hole in the family unit and Emily found herself in search of answers. Fortunately, she would end up with two lovable bulldogs who were willing to remain by her side.

June and Hazel have also been benefiting from their presence and Emily’s two young daughters struggled with the loss as well. Emily says that telling her children what happened to their dad was almost as gut wrenching as the accident itself. In order to provide them with a fresh start, their house was sold and they moved closer to Grand Rapids.

A new addition also came along for the ride. A rescue bulldog by the name of Fern would also be added into the mix. Hazel and June took to Fern immediately. The girls needed a new friend to lean on in the absence of their father. It was a role that Fern was more than happy to fill. The cuddles that they received from Fern were an important step of the healing process.

Fern changed the dynamic of the household. When the girls played and laughed with her, they were able to forget all of the trauma that they had been through. Fern was lonely, though. She needed another dog to play with. At long last, Emily finally received the message that would change her life (and Fern’s). Juno the foster dog’s Facebook post made its way to her and she was instantly touched.

Juno had suffered through a difficult past and was in need of a home. The abuse and neglect that Juno had sustained had not done much to dampen her personality. She was still happy and lovable. Fern is more playful and Juno offers a calming presence. She is gentle and she spends most of her days watching over these little girls to make sure that they are safe.

Emily says that Juno and Fern have done more to help her get though this nightmare than any medical professional ever could. Adopting dogs is a great way to provide them with the homes that they need. It is also a great way to provide ourselves with the love and comfort that we require during our darkest hours.

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