Man’s Dog That Was Lost Three Years Ago Freaks Out When He Sees His Owner Again

When we lose our pets, the healing process can be tremendously difficult. We feel a profound sense of loss and many of us often feel as if we have left their pets down. It takes a long time for us to get over these types of losses because they feel so avoidable. Losses like these make us feel as if we could have done something different or taken the proper precautions.

Losing a pet also comes with a permanent sense of failure. There is no getting past an event like this without some serious soul searching. Take the Georgia man in this story for instance. He lost his dog several years ago and he never got over it. That is what this story such an incredible read. He was actually given the second chance that so few of us ever get to receive.

The man received a phone call that would change his life. While he had already tried his best to move on and accept that his dog was long gone, it turned out that the dog was still out there in the world. The pooch finally made its way back into familiar territory one day and it led to one of the most incredible reunions that you are ever going to have the chance to see.

The phone call that he received came from a local shop owner who had come across a dog that seemed to look an awful lot like the one he had lost. Maybe the dog instinctively knew that they were in the right place? How the shop owner still remembered the man’s dog is also a bit of a mystery to us but we are not here to pick apart this awesome story too much.

Sometimes, it is best to simply sit back and enjoy the show. Once the man arrived at the shop where his dog was waiting for him, he instantly knew that his old friend had come back. He was in complete and total disbelief. If you would like to see this touching moment for yourself, be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety.

We are happy to see that this man and his dog have finally been reunited. They deserve all of the joy and happiness that they are about to experience. Please take a moment to pass this along to your friends and loved ones.

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