German Shepherd Suddenly Realizes He’s At The Vet And His Reaction Is Priceless

As anyone who has ever owned a dog can tell you, these animals do not like to go to the vet. They seem to have an innate sense for when a vet visit is around the corner, too. You can take your dog on 10 car rides without issue but on that 11th trip, they will instinctively sense that they are on the way to the vet’s. At this time, they tend to pitch a fit.

For some dogs, the fears can stem from a very real place. There are no shortage of animals who have had experiences at the vet’s office. Meanwhile, there are some who simply do not wish to be poked at by a stranger. Enzo the German shepherd’s reaction to his vet visit has to be seen to be believed, though. It is clear to see that he does not care for these visits very much.

We cannot say that we blame him. Who likes going to the doctor’s office? At first, Enzo was ecstatic. Like most dogs, he loves to go on car rides with the family. Unfortunately, the family had moved recently and the change in location was wreaking havoc on the animal’s allergies. They wanted to get him so help and it was time to head to the vet’s office.

Once Enzo realizes that he is at the vet’s office, he decides to let the humans know just how displeased he is by these developments. You almost have to feel a little sorry for him. The German shepherd is known to many as a protector. In this instance, Enzo is the one who needed to be protected. His whimpers and whines tell the story, don’t they?

He is trying to tell them something. He wants them to know that he will be a good boy. “Just don’t make me go in there”, says poor Enzo. Little does he know that the visit is for his own good. According to the family, Enzo made it through this awful ordeal. He is doing much better now. Hopefully, he is able to trust his humans in the future.

Pet parents who would like to assuage their animals’ fears should give them practice exams at home. Others may decide to take their dogs to the vet for a more social visit. Rewarding pets with treats for good visits is also helpful. Please be sure to share this story with all of the animal lovers in your life as soon as possible.

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