Naughty Dog Comes With A ‘List Of Rules’ For Friends And Family

In most instances, dogs do not have instruction manuals. Most dogs are easy enough to get along once you take the time to learn their personality. The dog in this story, however? He is a whole different story! Hank’s an adorable pup but he definitely has quite the mischievous side. Abbey is the owner of the cute golden retriever but the rest of her family has gotten to know him as well.

While Abbey and Hank tend to be inseparable, he makes exceptions when other objects catch his eye. He might love his mother but he’s got an adventurous side that needs to be tapped into. It could be something as simple as a bird or he just might feel compelled to run up to a local jogger. Those who do not spend time with Hank are unaware of the lengths that he will go to.

Abbey tries to help out when she can, so she made a list of special rules for her pup. The “Hank Rules” are designed to remove the element of surprise from the equation entirely. “I died laughing when I saw it,” Abbey’s sister Lindsey told TheDodo. She went on to say that Hanks is most definitely guilty of most of the items that were included on Abbey’s rather comprehensive list.

Abbey is speaking from a place of experience here. The list is comprised of items that she has already dealt with firsthand. We are sure that this list would probably apply to most puppy owners. They tend to be a rambunctious bunch. Anyone who has ever had a puppy like Hank can definitely relate to this one. Our fur babies do not always know how to act around others!

Puppies may need guidance from time to time but that does not make them any less lovable. In fact, they can be compared to human babies in this way. They may be exasperating at times but there is no parent who would ever want to give them up. What dog owner hasn’t dealt with a dog who was whining at the door cause they were in desperate need of a bathroom break?

It is hard to blame Hank on that one! When you have to go, you have to go. Best of all, he is more than willing to play ball with his owners without running away. That’s the dream scenario. If you laughed at Hank’s list of rules as hard as we did, take a moment to pass the story along!

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