‘Ghost Apples’ Are Appearing On Trees After The Polar Vortex

Stop for a moment and picture a glass apple in your mind. It really is something beautiful and when you see it in real life, it can take your breath away. Perhaps that is why we love these pictures so much. They are of ‘ghost apples’ and this year, thanks to the Polar Vortex and the up and down temperatures, they are better than ever.

Ghost apples.

Posted by Andrew Sietsema on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Andrew Sietsema posted these ghost apples she saw while pruning apple trees in Western Michigan. “I guess it was just cold enough that the ice covering the apple hadn’t melted yet, but it was warm enough that the apple inside turned to complete mush,” he told CNN of the icy shell left behind.

Judson Jones is a meteorologist with CNN. He said that the freezing rain in Michigan glazed the unpicked apples. As they rotted, they slid out of the bottom of the glass case, leaving a ‘ghost apple’ behind. They are also sometimes called a Jonaghost.

This doesn’t happen often but you will probably find the across the apple production region in Michigan this year.

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