Giant Dog Rescued From Streets Only To Have Hilarious Reaction To New Snowy Home

Hope For Paws is an outstanding organization that is responsible for assisting a wide range of animals who would not be able to receive help otherwise. Thanks to their assistance, there are no shortage of stray animals who have been given the chance to find a forever home. When they received a call recently about a giant dog that was struggling to survive on the streets, they sprung into action immediately.

The black Newfoundland was having a truly rough go of it. The animal was too tired to even lift his head by the time he was found. Loreta Frankonyte approached the animal with the utmost caution and knew that the dog was going to be wary of human beings. However, there is no dog on the planet that is able to resist the lure of an awesome cheeseburger.

While he loved the cheeseburger, the idea of having a leash placed around his neck was not nearly as palatable. After a while, he got accustomed to the idea. After all, we can all look the other way on these sorts of matters when there is food involved, right? The pup had made a friend as well but he took off once he saw the rescuers close by.

The dog was renamed Everest. Once he was taken back to the facility, the rescuers began to work tirelessly to save his life. They wanted the dog to be able to find a forever home one day and time was of the essence. The results of their efforts are absolutely incredible. The first step? Giving him a nice, warm shower to wash the street crud off.

He was so relaxed by this point of time that he dozed off in the bathtub! At this point in time, it became clear that Everest once belonged to a family. He enjoyed interacting with all of the nearby children and adults. Hope For Paws is happy to report that they have received the perfect adoption application for Everest and that he will no longer have to survive outdoors.

His new owners were even willing to fly in from Oregon just to take him home. This was a welcome change from the life that he had been forced to live, that is for sure. He now has siblings to play with and a nice, warm bed to sleep in. If you would like to learn more about the story of Everest and what happened next, be sure to take a moment to check out the clip below!

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