Video Of Giant Stingray Emerging From Water To Greet Boy Goes Viral

When children are given the chance to spend time with animals, the most amazing bonds can be formed. The relationships that children form with their pets is proof of this. If a pet is able to grow up alongside of a child, they become the best of friends. The pet will typically feel obligated to protect the child as well. These bonds tend to take place when it comes to more commonly domesticated pets.

That is what makes this story such an interesting one. Joel has made quite the friend and we are here to tell you all about it. He resides in the Canary Islands, in Valle Gran Rey. A wide range of fishermen live there, too. They like to toss their catches in the nearby harbor. As you might have expected, this attracts some rather intriguing visitors.

Joel likes to go say hello to the sea creatures that arrive at this location. One of the main attractions happens to be a giant stingray. While most would not believe that a stingray would be willing to befriend a small child, this story goes to show that you cannot judge a book by its cover. One day, someone was actually able to capture video of the two in action.

If you are anything like us, you will be swooning. Some might be afraid to pet a stingray but Joel knows that the creature means him no harm. The fishermen see that Joel has stopped by and they provide him with some shrimp to feed to his new friend. The stingray happily consumes the free meal and it is clear to see that they are the best of pals.

Stories like these truly warm the heart, don’t they? Once the stingray has had their fill, they head back into the sea….but not before letting Joel give him one last pat. Stingrays are inherently kind creatures. They only use their stingers if they feel as if their life is in danger. These animals are far more friendly than they typically receive credit for.

Once the video was uploaded onto YouTube, it went viral right away. This unusual friendship has been captured for the world to see and if you loved this clip as much as we did, be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible! Share away, people.

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