Snoop Dogg offers home to ‘Snoop,’ the dog abandoned just before Xmas

When a man was caught on video stopping his car to leave his Staffordshire bull terrier behind in England recently, social media reacted with a sizable amount of anger. What kind of man could do something like that to an innocent animal? The man simply drove to the dog to a local intersection, got out of the car and then left the animal there without a second thought.

You have to be a real monster to do something this heinous. The poor dog does not seem to know why he has been abandoned. He chases after the man and tries to make his way back into the vehicle. The dog’s attempts at catching up to his former owner were futile. The man had the audacity to ditch this dog one week before Christmas and this makes the whole ordeal even more heartbreaking.

No animal deserves to be left behind right before the holidays. This clip is now being shared by the British authorities as a means of locating the person who is responsible for this atrocious treatment, so please share away. The veterinary staffers have now renamed the dog Snoop and he is still in very good spirits, all things considered.

The vet’s office believes that he is roughly two years old. Good Morning Britain showcased the dog and now the adoption requests are rolling in. He is not ready to be taken to his forever home yet but the RSPCA promises to alert the public when his recovery process is complete. One megastar has already opened their home to the pup.

The one and only Snoop Dogg could not but to be moved by the story about his namesake. He is down to adopt the pup and called the footage of his abandonment “horrifying”. According to Snoop, the dog always has a place at his home. He doesn’t believe that the dog will need one, especially after all of the recent exposure that he received.

Nonetheless, he is willing to offer one anyway. To be perfectly honest, we would probably choose Snoop Dogg’s house if we were a dog. We are sure that Snoop the dog’s next home will be every bit as beautiful, though. We are happy to know that this dog is done suffering forever. We wish Snoop Dogg and Snoop the dog all of the best in 2019. They both deserve good tidings during the year to come.

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