Dog Was So Scared When Family Left Him At Shelter For ‘Eating Trash’

When dogs see open trash cans, they are unable to help themselves. Coby is a two-year-old dog who recently decided to do some exploring. Seems innocent enough, right? However, this family decided that they were not going to tolerate his garbage digging any longer. The dog was taken out of the home unexpectedly and dropped off at South Carolina’s Fairfield County Shelter.

Coby was understandably afraid when he first arrived. He did not know what he had done to deserve this treatment. His family was gone and now he was forced to fend for himself. The volunteers felt very sorry for him. While he was terrified upon arrival, he remained kind and gentle. He never attempted to bite any of the volunteers or even venture a growl.

All he wanted to do was hide. He spent his days sitting in a corner and staring at a wall. Coby’s story saddened these volunteers and other organizations took notice. Compassion For Cats of Delaware is one of them. Leigh Maddox is the founder of this organization and she was stunned by this family’s cruelty. Who would ditch a kind and faithful pet for such a minor infraction?

She knew that she had to help him right away. He deserved better. It was a nine-hour drive from the South Carolina shelter to the foster home that she found for him but she was more than willing to make the sacrifice. Fortunately, Pilots N Paws intervened and provided the animal with the necessary transportation. Olivia is his new foster mother and she is more than happy to help Coby.

A dog this sweet should never have to suffer like this. Olivia knew that it would take a while for Coby to trust humans again. She was willing to invest the time and effort that it would take to win him over, though. She does not believe that trash digging is a problem, either. Olivia understands that this is simply a natural instinct for dogs.

He’s slowly adjusting to the new life that Olivia is providing for him. She is preparing him for his new forever home. Those who wish to adopt him are urged to fill out an application on the Compassion For Cats of Delaware website.

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