World’s stingiest mom tries to pay babysitter in ‘ice cream and fun,’ then things escalated

Now that everyone has a smartphone and you are essentially on camera from the moment that you leave your house, it is time for some scammers to reconsider their methods. After all, you run the risk of being caught in the act. Take the woman in this clip, for instance. She thought that she was going to weasel her way out of her paying her babysitter.

For some reason, there is a rash of mothers who believe that they are entitled to free labor. These women need a serious reality check and fast. Being a mother is not an easy task. We understand where these mothers are coming from on a fundamental level. That does not mean that they should be allowed to wreak havoc on the lives of others.

You can’t just ghost the babysitter when it is time to pay them. Their services are too important and their time is simply too valuable. This mother believed that her kids were charming enough to justify a lack of payment. While we are that her children are lovely, time is money, lady. Pay up. No more is ever going to babysit for free.

Even the most polite and well-behaved children take time and effort to attend to. Babysitting is a means to an end just like anything else. This babysitter had to remind one skinflint mother of that. Not only did this mother try to scam her way into free babysitting, she even had the gall to call the babysitter a liar in the process.

Who in their right mind thinks that someone would willfully agree to babysit for “free ice cream” and “fun”? Luckily, this babysitter had the receipts at the ready! She was not about to let this woman make a fool of her. The mother responded unfavorably, dropping a C-bomb on this struggling college student just for being willing to stand up for what is right.

We hope that the sitter is able to receive the proper payment and that 2019 is free of these types of encounters. While we are not going to hold our breath when it comes to the compensation (the mother blocked her number, like the chintzy coward that she is), we are sure that this sitter is bound to have better luck next time. As for the mother, she will get what is coming to her….the universe always makes sure of it.

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