Puppy That Was Returned To Shelter Multiple Times Finds The Sweetest Way To Thank Her New Mom

Lola’s unique appearance may have caught the eye of Cristina Antonucci when she was listed on a rescue website but her life was not always so simple. She fell for the dog right away and yet others treated her much worse. Lola’s face tugged at her heartstrings because she had grown up with a dog who looks just like her. After a moment of deliberation, she went to meet the dog in Melbourne.

She was residing at Second Chance Rescue at the time. Once she arrived, she learned more about the dog’s harrowing past. She had been through quite a lot over the course of her life. Lola had already resided at two different homes and she was just seven months old. Her first two owners simply did not realize how much effort was involved in dog ownership.

Cristina was not this sort of person. She knew that Lola needed help and was willing to provide it. Lola was officially adopted and is now living at a forever home for the first time. Once Lola arrived, she knew that this was the real deal. She hugged her new mother and would not let her go. It did not take her very long to warm up to Cristina at all.

There were some behavioral issues that needed to be ironed out first. Lola’s past experiences caused her to become rather mischievous. She was digging underneath her fence but Cristina soon realized that her intentions were pure. All she wanted to do was spend some time playing with the neighbor’s dog. Once she was told no, the digging ceased.

They have spent the last six months together and they are getting along fabulously. Now that she is happy and comfortable, she is picking up all sorts of neat new tricks. Can you believe that she is able to play fetch with the lights off now? Cristina soon realized that Lola loves to socialize and she brought home a brother for her to play with.

She and Lenny love spending their days together. Cristina says that coming home to these dogs is the undisputed highlight of her day. The dogs have their own Instagram page and you can check it out if you would like to see more of their awesome adventures. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones to raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter dogs.

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