Girl Held An Adorable Maternity Photo Shoot For Her Pregnant Dog

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking that maternity shoots are merely limited to human beings. However, this doggy parent decided that her beautiful pregnant dog was simply too photogenic for this amazing moment to go to waste. So, she made a decision that is bound to turn a few heads…she had a maternity shoot for her four legged friend.

Fusee is just two years old and this is already one of the most beautiful dogs that we have ever seen in our whole life. If you thought that the concept of a pregnancy glow was strictly limited to the women in your life, just wait until you get a load of Fusee!

Her mother Elsa knows just how photogenic she is and in her mind, this photo shoot was the best way for the world to find out just how special her dog is. Fusee even puts all of the women who try to rock a flower crown filter on Snapchat to shame with her incredible ensemble.

The photos were taken by a young photographer by the name of Clayton and he just so happens to be pretty talented in his own right as well. When Elsa posted the photos from her impromptu shoot on her Twitter account, they went viral almost immediately.

Elsa received nothing but support for her decision to bare her pup’s pregnant belly and Twitter showered Fusee with their love and affection. Some people even showcased their phone’s lock screen, as they had made Fusee into their every day backdrop.

Fusee is now the proud mother of eight new puppies and if she is anywhere near as supportive as her human mom? Then these puppies are sure to be in very good hands (or paws.) Be sure to pass this adorable story to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

Source: Twitter (h/t: elitedaily)

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