Girl loses her memory after a seizure, ends up falling back in love with her boyfriend


Most of us have probably seen the Hollywood movie “The Vow”, wherein Channing Tatum tries his absolute best to make Rachel McAdams remember who he is after an accident robs her of all her memories of him. This heartbreaking scenario played out in real life for one teenage girl and her boyfriend recently.

In 2010, Jessica was diagnosed with a severe form of frontal lobe epilepsy. She eventually suffered through a fit so horrific, she emerged from the ordeal not even knowing her own family. She would soon suffer another seizure so severe, her boyfriend had to hold her up before bringing her in for assistance.


While momentary amnesia was a typical symptom for Jessica to experience, this particular episode was very disconcerting. In past instances, her family was able to show her pictures and convince that she was actually related to them, but her boyfriend did not experience the same good fortune.


When he attempted to hold her hand, she would pull it away and when he brought to the park that she loved most, she would not even walk beside him. It progressed to a point where she considered breaking up with him, but the amount of care he displayed made her reticent.


In time, Jessica finally recovered her feelings for her boyfriend Rich and she is certainly blessed to have a boyfriend in her life who cares so deeply. We should all be so lucky to find someone who will continue to love us even if they treat us like a total stranger and cannot remember the good times that we had in the past.


This story is a prime example of the power of perseverance and if you were as touched as we are by Rich’s dedication, be sure to share this incredible story with your family and friends on Facebook.

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