Short-legged Corgi has trouble getting up stairs, so dad builds him his own elevator

Our dogs are our best friends in the world, and when we see them struggling in any way, it is our gut instinct to provide them with all of the assistance that they need to overcome the issues that are taking place. After all, they would do the same for us if it came down to it.

Providing dogs with their basic necessities is one thing, but offering them special treatment is quite another. We pride ourselves on our ability to care for our four legged friends and when we take the time to do so, they reward our hard work with gobs of affection and their undying loyalty.

The Corgi in this clip was having his own unique struggle and thanks to the assistance of his owner, he is no longer forced to experience the issues that were taking place before this clip was actually filmed.

As you can see, the Corgi is a short legged creature and as a result, it was very challenging for him to make it up and down a flight of stairs without experiencing an immense amount of difficulty. His family took matters into their own hands, constructing a contraption to assist the Corgi in his endeavors.

The family built a customized elevator to help their Corgi, so that he no longer had to struggle. A custom elevator for a dog? Now we have definitely seen everything and in order to truly appreciate the hard work that they have put in so that their dog’s life can become easier.

These sweet and loving humans have gone above and beyond to make sure that their dog is happy and the results of their handiwork definitely deserve to be shared with a much wider audience, so be sure to pass this incredible clip along to your closest family members and friends.

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