No one would hire this Baker with Down Syndrome, opens her own shop instead


Collete DeVito is one of the most unique humans that you will ever have a chance to meet. She’s always been a dedicated baker and her talent revealed itself at a young age, as she has been baking for her friends and family members ever since she was 15. Her passion never stopped growing and she dreamed of making a career out of this talent.


Once she reached the age of 22, she began to apply for various baking jobs in the Boston region, only to experience continued rejection. Her interviews began to follow a similar pattern, as her talents were appreciated, but she was considered to be a poor fit.


She began to believe that her Down’s Syndrome was causing potential employers to turn her away and while this would normally cause others to quit, Collette’s level of resolve only continued to increase. Her mother and sister helped her establish her very own baking company, entitled Collettey’s.


Once the company began operations, she received a recurring order almost immediately from the good people at Boston’s Golden Goose Market. The story was then covered by CBS and from there, she had at least 10,000 orders that needed to be filled.


While those who suffer from disabilities will tend to struggle with finding work, the story of Collette serves as valuable inspiration to disabled citizens who still have plenty of valuable skills to offer to the world.


Collette’s family never stopped believing in her for a moment and thanks to their never ending encouragement, she was able to triumph in a situation that would cause so many others to falter. This story deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible, so don’t be shy about passing it along to your friends on Facebook, as well as all of your followers on Twitter.

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