Girls Become Best Friends In Hospital, Reunite Years Later For “Survivors” Photoshoot

McKinley, Chloe, Ava, and Lauren all have something horrible in common. They were all diagnosed with cancer and were treated at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. Fast forward a couple of years and they are back together to celebrate a huge victory.

When they met, they all had cancer. They quickly became best friends and they would be with each other at every opportunity

The friendship included more than just a group of little girls. The parents also got very close. Karen Moore, McKinley’s mom explained that “from the standpoint of a mom, too, having other moms to relate to has been phenomenal. Just to have other people going through it at the same time as us.”

Nurse Paige Ward cared for the children and expresses her happiness: “It gives me chills, it makes me want to cry. I mean, I love these kids as if they were my own, for sure. They’re awesome.”

It’s easy to be proud of these young girls, considering how far they’ve come. They also managed to keep their friendship and since the treatments have stopped, they have grown their hair back again. These little girls seem so happy.

Lauren was able to ring the hospital bell this year after she beat cancer. That is what makes this reunion even sweeter. Lauren starts kindergarten soon and all of the girls are planning on getting back together every year.

You can watch more about these beautiful little girls in this video:

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