Groomer’s Poster Explains Why Her Services Cost More Than A Human’s Haircut

If you do any work in the service industry, you already realize that you don’t get the respect you should. That is especially true if you do something that the public, in general, is not interested in doing. That could include anything from pumping septic tanks to picking up road kill. It also typically involves anything with animal care.

Included in the long list of things people would rather not do is grooming pets. Yes, we all love our animals but we take them to a groomer for a reason; because we don’t want to do it at home. Even though most dog owners will enlist the help of a dog groomer, they might balk at the price of between $60 and $70.

One pet groomer has had enough of the complaining and she decided to do something about it. No, she didn’t drop her prices. She posted a sign at her place of business.

Do you get the point? Perhaps you have seen something like this before, as it isn’t really new. The following summary will help to clear up any stray ends.

Number 10 is a gimme unless it isn’t true, that is. Number 9 rings true for many of us because our pet may be rather dirty by the time we make an appointment. We also send the dogs to a pro because we know how well they behave (or not) when we put them in the tub.

Number 8 is also typically understood. After all, the groomer isn’t there to give some ‘scaping’ services. It’s hard not to chuckle when you read numbers 6 and 7. Even our own doctor doesn’t typically clean your ears or your ‘eye boogers’.

We can all probably appreciate number 5. We do our best to keep still when our hairdresser is giving us a trim but the groomer is not in the same boat. Dogs tend to wiggle all over the place and cats can take you by surprise.

Also, your hairdresser doesn’t typically take care of your nails but the groomer is an all in one stop shop. They also have to be worried about teeth, pee, scratches and the occasional escape artist.

Number 1 is probably what speaks to us the most. When this sign went viral, groomers were quick to mention that it DOES take skill to do their job. It also takes a kind heart and loads of patience.

Some who are not pros talked about how they tried to do their own pets and fell short of the mark. They ended up wasting a lot of time and money to learn a hard lesson; take your dog to the groomer.

Like any business, there are some ‘groomers’ out there that don’t live up to their name but when you do find someone respectable and skilled, don’t lose their number.

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