‘Golden Girls’ Pez Dispensers Are The Cutest Addition To Any Superfan’s Collection

Time seems to pass by so quickly and it is difficult to believe that some two decades have passed since The Golden Girls was taken off the air. Even though all that time has passed, there are still many people who love the show and watch it regularly on reruns.

Many people blame it on the obsession that the Internet seems to have with Betty White but even before that, it was a popular show. The friendship and family message that it sent out is one that crosses generational boundaries.

Thanks to people being obsessed with this sitcom, a lot of Golden Girls merchandise has recently come out. Perhaps you have seen some of it cross your path on social media or elsewhere.

Now you can get ready for the latest piece of merchandise, Pez dispensers.

These dispensers are actually a collaboration between Funko and Pez. Known as the Pop! Pez collection, it features the heads of each of the ladies from The Golden Girls on top of the Pez dispenser.

The popularity of The Golden Girls shows that pop culture does not always stick with the modern times. Sometimes, you just need a group of sassy old ladies to fill the void.

Now that we have plenty of Golden Girls-themed merchandise available, these Pez dispensers seem to be the icing on the cake.

Pez has teamed up with Funko Pop! And come out with a line of Pez dispensers that are themed around the Golden Girls. You can purchase the collection for $42.95.

Each of the ladies is also available individually for $5.99. This one of Sophia is a popular item.

Not to be outdone is Blanche Devereaux who looks good on top of the Pez dispenser.

Dorothy is giving that no-nonsense look and the eyebrows seem to pull it all together.

Finally, you have Rose. She has a simple look but you can tell that her mind is not where it should be.

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