Friendly Whale Returns Woman’s Phone After Accidentally Dropping It Into Sea

Hammerfest, Norway experienced a mysterious visitor within the past few weeks. When they saw a beluga whale that had been fitted with a harness around their shores, they did not know quite what to make of it. No one seemed to know where the whale came from but there are some theories floating around. Some believe that the beluga had been trained by Russian Navy members.[0]=68.ARCt3CF3Gr5u7pbIYnQyJwAlWLZMdEctFiqPv8gKLqMyXiM1lxYKPwJt10jGcA3vqZtsn-grMV0R23ZE6VwAzlXPaQyM7c__gfyQ3tHQ-L3ucHF330be6njTYE5A-2Cex40Z2D2U-0gZaf7YR7_zc6RW89t0gURSS6WJ4vYMnd_I1oK0ZMzEwSuHBBtIyu5WWfwgwUN035iGZcw4QNa8Xu1D9qykyCaXOGzjlsf0_WZlyZay26ZZJEVjcd9valMX9Ss96q_DoB7CblmEXtwrEscNgnBpHoz-1Oa_WQpzQMo6AabtIjX94t4TJuJ9J6mwTyMjcpILegkCR88lmcOkK9ySmg&__tn__=-R

He’s now been freed from his harness and loves to hang out by the Norwegian shore. Those who reside in this region have discovered that this whale is as kind as he is. In fact, he just might be one of the most considerate animals that we have ever come across. Ina Mansika’s experience with this whale will definitely make you want to give him a hug.

She and her friends were in Hammerfest, in search of the former Russian spy. The most incredible thing happened along the way. Ina and her friends ventured down to the dock, to see if they could possibly pet the whale. While Ina was on the dock, she had forgotten to close her pockets. Her phone went “kerplunk” into the ocean as a result of this carelessness.

Of course, she believed that the phone was gone forever at that point. Most of us would simply move on. However, this whale did not want Ina to leave without her precious phone. The animal dove down into the waters and brought it back! This is the sort of thing that you will have to see to believe. If not for the video, we would have been skeptical, too.

Ina could not believe her eyes and neither can we. This is one of the most adorable clips that we have ever had the chance to witness. If you are anything like us, you will need to watch it a few times to truly appreciate it. The phone may not have been operable by the time the whale brought it back to her but Ina was grateful nonetheless.

“The whale is so kind,” says Ina. No one is sure if the whale is going to be able to survive in the wild because he is very accustomed to spending time with humans. Only time is going to tell. There are plans in place to assist him with finding a sanctuary and this kind gesture will allow him to live out the rest of his life in peace and tranquility.

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