Cat Walks Across Computer Keyboard And Wins Owner $100,000

Mochi is a very curious cat, much like most of the felines that we know. She is particularly obsessive when it comes to screens. This is something that her owner Jessica has been forced to deal with. We can all relate to this, right? Everyone knows what it is like to have a cat leap on your laptop or try to climb on top of the television set when they see something interesting.

Cats cannot stand to be ignored. They must be the center of attention at all times. For Mochi, this means getting in the way every time Jessica is trying to get work done. Jessica and her partner adopted Mochi after finding her as a stray. “She was enthralled with my laptop from the start,” says Jessica. She loves nothing more than long naps and browsing the Internet.

Jessica now works at Stony Brook University. As an assistant professor of psychology, she spends a great deal of time on mental health research. One of the requirements of her job is to regularly apply for funding, so that she will have the money she needs for each form of research. Of course, Mochi did not really seem to care about how important her most recent application was.

She was going to make her presence felt anyway. The grant that she was in the process of applying for was for $100,000. Jessica wanted to make sure that she had handled every step of the process properly before pressing the submit button. Mochi had other ideas on the matter, though. When she took her dog Penny out for a stroll, the cat sprung into action.

By the time she got back, the damage was done. Mochi had already decided to submit the application for her. The cat had taken her own walk across the keyboard. After having what she described as a “minor panic attack”, she noticed that the cat was not all that concerned about the application. As it turns out, Mochi was right to be so passive about the situation.

Her grant was approved, despite the fact that it was not technically submitted by her. She had nothing to worry about after all. This cat’s obsession with screens has finally paid off in her owner’s favor. Congratulations to Jessica for the grant that she has received. We hope that she gave Mochi lots of treats and plenty of attention for all of her helpful assistance.

h/t: TheDodo

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