Diver Confused About What Seal Wants Until He Reaches Out His Hand

Encounters like these always put a smile on our face. Gary Grayson is a diver who was in the midst of a normal day out on the water of Scilly Isles in England. During his time as a diver, he has been through a lot and seen even more. Crocodiles and sharks are nothing new to him. However, this encounter just so happened to be a bit different from those.

He came across a friendly seal during this expedition. As a man of adventure, this was not too much for Gary to handle. He’s gone motorcycle riding, skydiving and of course, deep sea diving. Luckily for us, he had a friend with him who was willing to film the entire encounter. We cannot get enough of this interaction. This is quite the chance meeting!

In fact, they were approached by a whole seal family. They did not seem to know what these animals wanted at first. While they are cute animals by nature, seals have also been known to get aggressive from time to time.

You may want to reach out and pet one but be careful. They can be tougher than they look. Gary did not have any such worries in this instance, though.

One of the pups swam towards him and Gary prepared himself for the worst. After all, you simply never know what a sea creature may want from you. Initially, the seal began to rub its nose up against Gary’s mask. From there, the seal even stuck out his own flipper, so that he could shake his new friend’s hand. He even encouraged Gary to give him chin scratches.

It was clear to see that the seal was simply enjoying the fun of human interaction. When the seal rolled over, Gary did not know what to make of it. Why was this seal rolling over and what did they want? As it turns out, the answer was simple: a belly rub! Even when Gary was ready to stop, the seal would give him a tap and encourage him to keep going.

As you may have imagined, the video did not take long to go viral. How could anyone resist the sight of a seal this who is this cute? Believe it or not, the person who was most deeply touched by this interaction was Gary. He says that he has watched this video on a daily basis ever since it was initially posted. We guess that gives us both something in common!

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