Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Extremely Rare Puppy That Is 1 Of Only 3 Known To Exist

The green (& adorable) pup is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen and his owner Louise has come up with a perfect name for the little guy. He was dubbed Forest and while we might have chosen to name him Kelly instead (get it?), we are definitely not mad at this choice of name.

We are also finding ourselves green with envy at the mere sight of him. Did you know that Forest is only the third dog of his kind to ever be born? Just imagine having that level of exclusivity. This birth is an amazing feat, no matter how you slice it. For those who were clicking on this story in hopes of seeing other dogs who are of a more normal coloration, you are in luck.

Because we care about our readers, we are willing to offer a picture of a normal Golden Retriever, as a means of providing valuable context on the matter. You cannot truly appreciate a green Golden Retriever unless you have spent some time with a more traditional pup. But we must admit that both dogs are equally cute and more than worthy of our snuggles.

For those who are actually wondering about the science behind this, these green dogs are created when a bile pigment makes its way into the dog’s placenta and stains the puppy’s coat. This pigmentation will mix with their mother’s amniotic fluids and create the cool effect. Forest’s owner also says that the shade is already starting to fade away after just a few rinses.

While we were hoping that the green pigmentation meant that this dog was going to grow up to have magical powers, we will settle for him growing up to be the most adorable pup that he can be. Please pass this awesome story along to all of your closest friends and family members today.

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