Mom’s Easy Tip For Curing Sunburns Goes Viral

You don’t have to look very far to run across some type of health advice on the Internet. It is told to us on social media with much of it being called truth, even though there is nothing that backs it. We see this in many different forms, including quick weight loss programs and cures for cancer, along with everything in between. If there is one thing that we have learned from all of that knowledge, it’s the fact that we need to be cautious when taking the advice.

Hidden in among all of the background noise is a surprising viral post from a Texas mother. Not only does she have some rather interesting claims about what this natural treatment can do, actual doctors have stepped up to the plate and given it the green light as well.

This tip comes from Cindie Allen-Stewart, who says it is possible to cure a sunburn quickly using a product you probably have in your medicine cabinet.

This mother was not trying to go viral with her Facebook post. She just wanted to share some interesting information with her friends. She said, “I recently told a friend about a sunburn treatment that works wonders. She told me she had never heard about it, so I figured I’d make a post because I was sunburned recently.”

As it turns out, it really isn’t a ‘trick’ but it is just using a trusty can of foamy menthol shaving cream.

According to Allen-Stewart, you spread the cream on the sunburn and it will typically be cured within a few hours. It works even faster than common treatments, such as cold compresses.

Not only does it help heal the skin, the skin rarely ever peels.

“I burn, then do shaving cream, and the next day, it’s usually gone.”

“You don’t want to just put it straight on your back because it’s really cold. You want someone to put it on their hand and rub it on.”

After you let the foam on the burn for about 30 minutes, you just wash it off with some lukewarm water. If you have a particularly stubborn case of sunburn, you can repeat the treatment.

It turns out that there is something to this treatment. Doctors say that it actually works quite well. In fact, dermatologists agree that it’s not a bad idea to try it.

Source: Flickr

According to Dr. Ross Radusky, “If you look at the ingredients of shaving cream, it’s really a great moisturizer. It has a lot of coconut oil, coconut butter or derivatives of it. That’s actually what gives it some of its thickness and why you sort of lather it on.”

Certain ingredients that are included in mentholated shaving cream help repair the skin. It also has the benefit of cooling the burn and making you more comfortable.

Although this may help with sunburn, it may not work for inflammation and redness associated with steroid creams and other medications. In addition, if you have a severe, blistering sunburn, you should see a doctor.

Another issue is that shaving cream can cause acne, especially if it is on the skin too long. Just beware of the fact that you might have a breakout after using this treatment.

Experts still recommend treating a sunburn with rest and rehydration. They also say prevention is the best option so you should wear a sunblock.

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