Brothers Help Woman They See Paying For Gas With Pennies, Unaware She Just Lost Her Husband

One of the most annoying phenomenons of modern times is the insistence on receiving credit for a good deed. Every day we see it on social media. It is almost like doing a good deed has stopped being its own reward. Instead, there are people who only help out because they can post it for likes or retweets. That’s why Simran Jeet Singh decided to share someone else’s good deed for a change.

When he saw two brothers going out of their way to help out a woman in need at the gas station, he recorded the act of kindness. What he did not know at the time was that this woman was going through one of the worst tragedies that a person can experience. The brothers saw her paying for her gas with pennies and they knew that they had to step in right away.

She had fallen on hard times financially because she had recently lost her husband. The brothers did not know that she was a widower when they decided to help her. For all they knew, she was just like anyone else out there, struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck. In a world where we are constantly exposed to negativity, clips like these are very important.

The world may seem as if it is full of angry people with bad intentions but it is good to know that there are good, decent folks out there. We all need to share this world together. Love and respect are key. These brothers did not know this woman’s story. All they saw was a woman in need and they stepped in without a moment of hesitation.

If only the rest of us could learn to behave in such a way. We do not have to allow the current climate to divide us. Every day, we make a conscious choice about the life that we would like to live. These brothers have definitely made their right one and we are overcome with emotion watching this clip. Please be sure to take a closer look below.

Once you have successfully dried your eyes, it is time to pass it along to the rest of your friends and loved ones. Sometimes, a clip like this one is all of the impetus that we need to make similar changes in our own lives. Let’s all do our part to make this world a better place going forward. All it takes is a simple act of kindness to change someone’s whole day….or even life.

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