Homeowner Wakes to Find Pair Of Moose Snacking On His Halloween Jack O Lanterns

Trick or treat visitors can be a pleasant surprise or they can be a total nuisance, depending on the time that they decide to stop by. This homeowner recently received quite the visitor and they decided to share their experience with the rest of us. We are glad that they did because we cannot stop laughing at the mental image that this story creates.

Just imagine how you would feel to wake up to this brand of trick or treating. Andy Shields was minding his own business when he heard odd noises outside. When he went to investigate, he saw that a pair of moose had made their way up to his porch. Clearly, they had heard about the candy that Andy had to offer and they were looking to get in on the deal.

The idea that humans would just hand out food like this had to be appealing to the moose. We cannot blame them for showing up as quickly as they did. Perhaps if their timing had been a bit better. The moose did not take kindly to the lack of treats, though. They elected to help themselves to his pumpkins instead. Andy got off easy, if you ask us.

They could have toilet papered his house or gotten really destructive. Let this be a lesson to you, Andy. Put out some treats for the moose or pay the price! The moose did not get their treat and so a trick took place. This is the social contract that we all enter into during the Halloween season. Andy is taking it all in stride.

He decided to share a clip of his visitors so that everyone could see what he was forced to endure. These moose are quite large and this story could have been a lot worse. Andy was smart enough to remain safely inside of the house while the video was being filmed. He was not about to take the risk of disturbing the moose and we cannot blame him one bit.

Leftover pumpkins may not seem like the best snack to a human but it is every bit as sweet as candy to the average moose. While these visitors might have unexpected, Andy enjoyed their presence all the time. If you laughed at this clip as hard we did, be sure to pass it along to all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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