Grandpa Calls His Granddaughter To Tell Her About Every Single Dog He Sees

Haley Okun has spent much of her life in the company of dogs. Her family has had a number of dogs throughout the course of her childhood. These animals were not considered as mere pets. They are an integral part of the family. The family’s shared love of animals is a major part of their bond. This is especially true of Haley and her grandfather.

Haley spent her childhood summers with her grandparents, so they have a very close relationship. Her grandfather taught her a lot about dogs. He would explain the differences between each breed to his granddaughter every time they saw a dog. Steve’s a dog lover, for sure. He has also been able to pass down this love to his granddaughter.

He does not own any dogs at the moment, though. Since Steve loves to spend time traveling around and visiting his children, he does not have the time to care for dogs like he used to. While most of his children have dogs of their own now, he does have one holdout who considers themselves to be a cat person. Oh well. Now, Steve spends his time showing love to dogs wherever he goes.

He’s the sort of man who can’t help but to make friends with all sorts of dogs. It does not matter where he is in the world, either. Steve is what you would call a dog whisperer. Whenever he comes across a new dog, he has to share this information with someone. That’s why he always calls Haley. Recently, Haley was unable to answer the phone when her grandfather called.

Steve was not going to accept that for an answer, though. He decided that he would leave her one of the most touching voicemails we have ever heard. This adorable grandfather is one of our new favorite people. Steve even sends Haley articles about different dogs that he finds. If dog spotting was an actual profession, Steve would be one of the most accomplished men in his field.

Haley and her grandfather are always going to remain close and having a common interest to share is a major part of that. We hope that they get to have lots and lots of conversations about dogs in the future. If this story made you smile as much as we did, please be sure to share it with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. The dog lovers in your life are sure to love it.

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