Dog Gets Up During The Middle Of The Night To Help Put Crying Toddler Back To Sleep

Zach and Sara are a married couple who recently went through a life-changing experience. Halle was born and their daughter has given them the chance to truly enjoy the parenthood journey. Once they got started, they realized that they were not all alone. They had a special friend who was more than happy to assist them along the way. Prince is their dog and he’s become an instrumental part of the parenting team.

He does not want his parents to go it alone. Prince has been a helpful pup ever since Sara became pregnant. He did not want to leave her side at any point during the process. He’s a caring dog who lets his actions speak for him, since he cannot tell his humans how much he loves them. When she was first brought home, he went up to her and sniffed her immediately, says Sara.

He seemed to instinctively sense the baby’s need for his protection. Sara calls him her “nanny dog”. The dedication that this dog has shown only continues to strengthen as time passes. He loves the baby very much. Prince spends much of his days watching over her. He will not any harm come to this child. They love to play together but Prince never loses sight of his responsibilities.

He knows that he has two jobs. He is here to make sure that she is safe and he serves as an awesome playmate. Now that Halle has reached the age of two, she gets to sleep by herself. This can be a nerve wracking time for new parents. We get so used to having our little ones close by. Once they no longer sleep in our room, it can be tough to deal with the anxiety.

These parents do not have to spend too much time worrying, though. Our pal Prince is on the job. He is the best babysitter money can buy. When Halle gets restless, Prince is there in a flash. Sara and Zach had a brainstorm recently. What if they left both of their doors open during the night? Would Prince head into the baby’s room on his own to help out?

The answer was a resounding yes and we cannot stop smiling at this sweet dog’s kind nature. If you would like to see more of this awesome babysitter in action, we urge you to take a moment to check out the video below.

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