Pit Bull found chained to a tree outside abandoned home makes a remarkable recovery

This pitbull was found in dire straits. It breaks our heart to see how these animals are usually treated. There are too many people out there who view these animals as essentially disposable. However, they are not vicious killers who can be discarded on a whim. Pitbulls are kind and sweet. The good folks at Fulton County Animal Control were finally able to intervene.

When Officer Nick arrived on the scene, he was saddened by what he saw. The poor pitbull had been left tied to a tree. The chain that was around her neck was cutting off her circulation. She hadn’t been fed in ages either. When the dog saw Officer Nick, she immediately expressed her gratitude. She was so happy that someone had finally come along to help her out.

The officer gave her something to eat and the dog wagged her tail in appreciation. She knew that he was there to help. From there, Nick used bolt cutters to set her free. We cannot begin to imagine the level of relief that she felt. Who can even fathom this level of suffering? Stuff like this makes us hopping mad. Why would anyone leave an innocent dog to suffer like this?

Cammy's Rescue + Our Vision for the Future

This is hard to watch, but it should be. Fortunately for Cammy she has a happy ending, but so many like her don't. We have a plan to do more, are you with us? If you would like to support us please donate here: https://bit.ly/2vaVxnd #freedomride #adoptcammy #fttf

Posted by Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Friends To The Forlorn is a pitbull rescue that was contacted as soon as the officer was able to free her from this makeshift prison. Jason Platt was happy to help out. Zoe is her new name and she is very pleased to be with her new friends. Jason made sure that she was given the chance to head to the vet’s office. She was finally able to relax.

It was as if she could sense that was around people who truly cared about her and had her best interests at heart. Once the initial care was complete, she was taken to a foster home. This gave her the chance to put some weight back on. She fully recovered from her awful ordeal. It did not take long before she was ready to enjoy a new forever home.

She’s become a very quiet dog. Her mellow nature has allowed her to fit right in at her new home. She nearly passed away because of human negligence. Now, she is safe and sound. If you would like to learn more about the transformation that this animal experienced, please be sure to check out the video below. Take a moment to pass it along as well.

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