Retired Pianist Plays Music For Handicapped, Injured, And Senior Elephants At Sanctuary

There are many who question animals’ ability to enjoy music. How could an animal ever appreciate music on the same level as a human being? This is a question that is worth asking, for sure. Fortunately, these elephants are here to provide insight. Paul Barton is an incredible pianist who has spent his whole life sharing his gift with the rest of the world.

When he arrived in Thailand 23 years ago, he was only expecting to stay for a short period of time. Once he met his soon to be wife Khwan, that plan was altered. He knew that he was going to have to stay. She’s a wildlife activist who also creates wildlife-based works of art. Thanks to her efforts, Paul started to take a far greater in the animal activist movement.

He knew that he had to help the elephants of Thailand. Once Paul began to study more, he learned about all of the deforestations that had taken place in previous decades. Sadly, the deforestation had cost a number of elephants in their homes. This broke his heart. He wanted to know if there was anything that he could possibly do to help out these poor animals.

To make matters worse, logging businesses decided that they were going to use the elephants as a form of cheap labor. The animals were forced into servitude, carrying heavy items from Point A to Point B. Once the government finally decided to step in and put a stop to these practices, the worker elephants were left with no place to go. Sanctuaries were established to protect them.

Paul visited one of the sanctuaries and knew what he had to do. He was going to provide these animals with the gift of music. The elephants have had a rough go of it.

Paul played his piano for the elephants who are residing at Elephants World. The animals heard Beethoven and were instantly entranced. He could tell that the music was definitely having its desired effect.

Would you like to watch one of these touching moments and see the elephant’s reaction for yourself? Take a moment to check out the video below. These animals have been exposed to the dark side of humans for far too long. Now, they are finally being given the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Please be sure to share away! This is one of the more touching videos that we have seen recently.

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